Product packaging companies in Salisbury that meet industry standards offer more than just box production; they can also provide logistical and shipping services that save clients both money and enhance transportation efficiency.

Customers of corrugated and folding box materials mainly reside downstream from mill level and buy these materials to protect products during transport and storage applications. A small proportion of industry output reaches consumers directly.

Personalized Packaging

Personalised packaging is an effective way of marketing your brand, product or services. It allows you to deliver a message in an eye-catching and memorable manner while standing out from competition. Furthermore, this form of promotion is cost-effective as well as reaching its intended audience effectively while improving customer experiences.

Personalized packaging allows your company to increase its market visibility. Customers will recognize your products and services more easily, helping to build brand loyalty and generate repeat business.

Customized boxes can be tailored precisely to the dimensions of your product, providing significant advantages over premade options that may cause damage during transportation and wasteful packaging material use. In addition, well-designed custom boxes create an enjoyable unboxing experience for customers and may result in more shares through photos, videos or word of mouth.


No matter if you are an eCommerce company selling directly to consumers or a manufacturer selling wholesalers and retailers, packaging is an integral component of the delivery process. Proper corrugated box companies ensure your product arrives undamaged while simultaneously creating an enjoyable customer experience.

Branding a shipping box can help your brand stand out in the marketplace. By adding a call-to-action print that encourages customers to post the box online, you can gain exposure and increase sales.

Packagers are key users of boxes, using them to safely ship goods for sale and may utilize additional protective packaging like ice packs or gel packs to protect temperature sensitive goods. Manufacturers and wholesalers also rely on them as storage units or for selling their wares.


Custom packaging can be an economical and effective way to secure products while building brand recognition and identity for e-commerce businesses that lack physical storefronts and must advertise themselves through product packaging alone.

These boxes use eco-friendly cardboard. Produced from recycled materials and using 90% less water and 50% less electricity to manufacture than new paper, it can be recycled after use reducing waste generation while saving resources.

Right-sized packaging also reduces shipping and delivery costs by using less filler material to protect fragile contents during transportation, thus decreasing vehicle usage for shipment, which saves fuel, labor and logistics expenses as well as reduce landfill waste while eliminating dyes and bleaches during its manufacture.

Environmentally Friendly

Packaging companies that produce eco-friendly shipping boxes provide their clients with greater customer satisfaction by eliminating extra void material that is detrimental to the environment, minimizing product damage in transit and using recyclable materials thereby decreasing environmental impacts of their products.

A good shipping box company prioritizes health over profit by selecting eco-friendly materials and avoiding allergens such as styrene. Their use is non-toxic and easily recyclable or reused – as well as using efficient production processes which minimize energy use.

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Green packaging refers to any package which is safe for people and the environment, and easy to recycle. In order to be truly green packaging it must also use renewable energy sources in its manufacture, transportation and design – creating more value through reduced energy and material usage. Having this type of package on the shelves of your business will increase customer trust in you as an environmentally responsible enterprise, and may lead to sales increases as customers will come trust your brand more!

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