packaging trends in 2022

Changing consumer preferences are leading to a shift towards packaged goods, according to a new global survey conducted by GlobalData. GlobalData’s 2021 Q3 global consumer survey revealed that most consumers globally prefer packaged products to loose products. Influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers for Bronxville New York are increasingly choosing packaged products as they are considered more hygienic.

Minimalistic packaging

In the year 2022, the majority of consumers are expecting more sustainable shopping experiences. That is why packaging designers will focus on eco-friendly products and materials. In addition, textured materials will be a prominent trend. This will help consumers learn more about the materials used to make the product.

In terms of design, textual packaging is another trend to watch for in 2022. Brands are bringing their text to the forefront of their designs with the use of contrasting colors. This is a delicate approach to reinvent packaging. While contrasting colors will be dominant in the near future, monochromatic color schemes will remain a popular choice in 2022.

Minimalistic packaging is also more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than traditional packaging. It will require less materials and space and will be easier to recycle and break down. This will reduce shipping costs and boost a company’s credibility.

Eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly packaging continues to be a top priority for consumers, with several trends forecasting even more growth in the coming years. As a result, companies should focus more on sustainable and biodegradable packaging. According to a study by Future Market Insights, consumers want packaging that can be recycled 100% of the time. They also want to see more recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

One trend that is sure to make an impact in packaging is minimalism, which makes use of less material and embraces natural-looking product art. Minimalist packaging is also likely to include high contrast elements, uncluttered backgrounds, and clear labelling.

Reducing plastic use

In order to reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging, many companies are investing in more environmentally friendly alternatives. For example, Nestlé, the parent company of popular brands such as Persil and Pritt, is reducing its plastic use by investing in innovative alternatives to packaging. Some of these alternatives are already in use in markets worldwide. These include reusable stainless steel containers for Haagan-Dazs, Ricore chicory drink and Chocapic Bio cereals.

Reducing plastic pollution is a global problem. While other materials have better recycling rates, plastic still holds a prominent role in packaging. Consequently, the focus has shifted from overall plastic reduction targets to improving recycling rates and recycled content. A report published in 2020 by the Pew Charitable Trusts noted that more attention should be paid to reducing plastic consumption.


Transparency is a popular trend for brands today. Consumers want to know what is in their products and what is happening behind the scenes. A brand that is transparent with its customers is more likely to be viewed as trustworthy. Keeping consumers informed about their products’ ingredients and production processes is also a way to differentiate themselves from other brands.

In 2022, transparency will continue to be a trend. This is a good thing, as it will increase consumer trust and educate them. One way to promote transparency in packaging is by displaying the non-toxic ingredients in your products. For example, if you include information on your packaging that says it is made from organic ingredients, more people will be likely to purchase it.

Flexible packaging

The flexible packaging industry has been growing at a steady 3.3% CAGR over the past five years. This growth is driven by advancements in technology, design, printing, and manufacturing. As a result, the flexible packaging industry has evolved to meet the changing lifestyles of consumers. In this report from packaging in manufacturers nyc ,packaging using solutions nyc , we’ll explore the key trends that will drive this market over the next few years.

The report also includes market forecasts for four global regions and 20 key national markets from 2022 to 2032. This report includes company profiles of 20 leading manufacturers, along with quantitative and qualitative analyses. In addition, it features independent predictions.

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